Kip Lambel has always had a love of flow, in water and in consciousness. By the age of 4, Kip realized “that I was no condition, I was no thing. And even though things arise, and conditions seem to take our attention sometimes, there was still this undeniable reality that none of those conditions were what I was.”

Growing up in central California, his fascination with flowing water evolved naturally from swimming the canals into river rafting, where he continued to learn about navigating the current.

With ready access to awareness in the turbulence of every day life, Kip experiences its emergence into the inherent beauty of humanity. Skilled as a new thought minister, rafting guide, and awakening coach, Kip finds navigating the flow of consciousness from the world of form is a life adventure.

From his passion to share with people the absolute realization of who and what they already are, Kip creates rafting-based workshops and multi-day retreats for people to have direct experience of their essence beyond circumstances and concepts.

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